Friday, September 4, 2009

Some Rules...

To begin with, I am not very tech-y. My husband, bless his soul, has his Master of Science in Computer Network Securities and understands more about computers and all that you can do with these "amazing" tools more than I will ever know or believe possible. I am a book person. As much as I try to be environmentally conscience, I am afraid that my biggest carbon footprint will be from the fact that I LOVE to buy books, with paper and ink and that smell of a tree falling in the forest. I have often remarked to my beloved husband that one day when we own a home, in that said home, I will require a library. I think that he has a vision of maybe 4 or 5 bookshelves, but I know that it will be much more like the library from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, if I have my way.

So, the idea of writing a blog that is forever out in the world wide web scares me. First, because anything can be posted in this world. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to open up a gmail account and begin to post his thoughts on, the village idiot can do this. Maybe this is why I enjoy books so much. It takes a lot for someone to be published. A lot of work on their part, a lot of proofreading, editing and money. I do hope to be a part of that published world one day, but in order to achieve this success, I am entering into the practice world of blogs.

Secondly, this world scares me because I am a prideful, yet insanely weak person. I do have lofty goals and ideas, but I am all too aware that I may be reaching far higher than God intends. But, I cannot live in fear of someone reading my thoughts any longer. I need to practice the art of scholasticism and venture out into this world.

So, the goal of this blog is for me to write out my thoughts, reflections, and general devotionals on what I am reading in regard to the Church history world. Some clarification - Church history does not mean the study of architecture in regard to buildings with steeples. Lately, when strangers in the MA area ask what I am studying and I have told them Church history, they begin to talk about their favorite church building in this small town around the corner or the magnificent opus by Ken Follett or other random things concerning BUILDINGS. No, this is not what I will be studying and spending money on. Church history is the study of Christianity through the ages - beginning shortly after the apostles/disciples ventured out in the Macedonian world up until just yesterday (literally, the yesterday that you have read this blog entry). It is filled with amazing men and women, their struggles, their ideas, their particular philosophy, their very lives. So, lately I have been reading Jonathan Edwards' Religious Affections, and one day, probably soon, I will blog something to the effect of how his thoughts on these affections have affected me.

OK, this is getting long. So, I will end it with this rule. I am coming to the table as a born-again Christian believer, follower of Jesus, somewhere in the balanced world between the far left and the far right (both in political and denominational respects). This is not, I repeat, not a forum to discuss the credibility on the existence of God. I am not open for discussion on this blog about this. If you want to talk to me in person or via other venues about this, that is more than acceptable, but please not here. I simply ask that you discuss the theologian or ideas that are presented. Thanks.


  1. welcome to the world wide.. uh.. something. I hope that you find fulfillment in sharing your thoughts and questions, and I look forward to them showing up in my reader!

  2. I am very happy and proud of you. Alright enough of that.
    Right? The moment I saw that library in Beauty and the Beast, whether I put it in these terms or not I don't know, but I knew that this is the library by which all other libraries are to be measured. It's "The Dream". Plus I could totally rock that yellow dress if I had to.

    Like the name, though others had merit. =)